MaizePlus v1.0.0.0
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Mod MaizePlus v1.0.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2022

MaizePlus is a global mod with various changes and additions. The focus is on silage harvesting and feeding.

Among other things, this mod adds differentiation between grass silage and corn silage, as well as other types of silage:
- grass-silage
- corn-silage
- cc and cc-silo
- brewing grain and brewing grain silo
- beet and beet silage
- whole grain silage

You can also add potato chips to grass silage and beetroot chips to corn silage. Luprosil can be added to CCM silage.

In addition to this, you can of course harvest grass silage in bales, but you can also harvest corn and wholegrain silage.
To do this, chopped corn or fresh whole crop must be baled and wrapped, this works globally on all balers and wrappers that use default bale sizes.

The silos have also been extended with a small function: potatoes and sugar beet can be stored and filled in, of course without compaction and fermentation.

Another addition that comes with this mod is changes to the steps/steps of drying the grass. There are now 4 different grass stages:
- wet grass (cut without conditioner)
- conditioned grass (mowed with air conditioning or agitated wet grass 1 time)
- semi-dry grass (+1 tedding)
- hay (+1 tedding)
The stage the tedder runs on can be set via keybinding, so you can choose which stage the tedder should output regardless of input. So people who don't want to repeat the tedd multiple times can just set the last or desired step.
This system is also implemented in mowers, where you can choose whether the mower has air conditioning or not. If you want to play realistic, you can select the "air conditioner" function only for mowers that have air conditioning.
But if you don't need these extra steps when making hay/silage, you can just skip the wet step and that's it.
This means you decide if you want to play as the vanilla/base game or the more detailed version, and how many steps you want.
Of course, this is present in all mowers and tedders.

A small additional feature of the mowers is the ability to mow the grain into whole windrows, which can then be baled or collected by a feed trailer and sent to a bunker silo.

Another part of this mod is expanding and customizing the feeding system.

Not only have new silage types and related bale types been added to the feed, this mod also adds a bunch of brand new feeds to the store:
- roughage Hartog, NATUREgreen and Eifel-Heu
- compound feed, mineral feed and feed additives from deuka (single bags, pallets, big bags and placed buying points)
- molasses (IBC container)
- CCM silage in bales
- filtered water (IBC container)
- water (IBC container)
- clover hay and clover silage in bales
- alfalfa hay and alfalfa silage in bales
- carrots (in pallet boxes)
- potatoes (in pallet boxes)
- beet slicing and potato slicing (accommodated buy station)

In addition, the ability to switch between multiple mixed ration recipes in mixer feeders has been added to MaizePlus. Of course this works via keybinding and is globally added to all mixers.
In addition to the vanilla recipe, this mod adds 4 new recipes for cows and 1 recipe for vanilla pig food.
With this mod, not only the components for feeding are regulated, but also the amount that the animals eat.
Both the recipes and the amount eaten by animals can be configured individually in an XML file in For more information on this please refer to the PDF file.

Another small feature that comes with MaizePlus is the ability for straw blowers to not only dissolve straw bales, but also hay, silage and other bales, of course again global to all straw blowers.

Now for the vehicles that come with MaizePlus:
- Stage ZW4010 CCM:
This mill is used to grind corn in CCM, it can also grind grain into groats.

- MAN TGS18.500 4x4 in Stade livery:
For example, to pull or turn on the Stade Mill.

- MAN TGS18.500 4x4 with MK-Silo Trailer in deuka livery: (thanks to Kastor)
Ideal for transporting deuka feed in bulk

- Pasture-ripper:
This can be used for pasture cultivation. This eliminates the need for plowing and adds a fertilization step. Grasslands are not plowed/damaged.

- small cutter-shaft 3m:
Cutter roller functions from the base game

And finally, the placeables added by this mod:
+ deuka purchase point (small and large purchase point)
+ Small and large Deuka storage silo
+ Grain buying station for brewers
+ Beet purchasing station
+ 3 smaller bins

You can findand detailed explanation of everything here: README
Permissions to use textures or other MaizePlus Content can only be obtained through the Farming Agency.

Credits: The-Alien-Paul and Modelleicher


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