Global Goods Transport Pallet v1.0.0.0
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Mod Global Goods Transport Pallet v1.0.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2022

Global Freight Transport Pallet
The LIZARD Goods brand brings you the perfect pallets/bags you'll ever need.

Do you have performances? Your product will be AUTOMATICALLY LOADED inside a new pallet/bag.
Do you need to unload your harvester? Are you transporting crops from a silo? Do you need a temporary unloading point while you receive money for a new silo? Yes, everything covered and more!

A telehandler, skid steer loader, front loader or wheel loader MUST be connected to operate the pallet and its functions (NO attachment, USE THE MACHINE ONLY)
It connects with the pallet/bag and the functions (lid) can be controlled.

- Support for additional pallets with products from the following industries, including:
Mod name: Grain Mill Plus ZipName:
Mod name: Planty Production ZipName:
Mod name: Packing Facility ZipName:
Mod name: Production for empty pallets and barrels ZipName:
Mod Name: Paper and Cardboard Production ZipName:
Mod name: Donut Production ZipName:
Mod Name: Grain Mill Extended ZipName:
Mod Name: Donut Factory Zip Code Name:
Mod Name: Donut Factory Zip Code Name:
Mod Name: Maple Syrup Production ZipName:
Mod Name: Farm Production Pack ZipName:

Pallet also supports:
- Pallets INGAME
- Recanto Da Alvorada Card: COFFEE ROASTED_COFFEE
Mod name: Recanto Da Alvorada ZipName of map:
- La Coronella: mineral almond Clean_olive OLIVES_LEAVES COMPOST PLANLET MELON SANDIA Papel Carton Oil_sunflower Oil_canola Oil_olive Oil_almond Oil_maize Biogas Box Donur
Mod name: La Coronella ZipName:

It also has an unrealistic capacity setting, 200,000 liters.

Price: 1000$

Credits: 82Studio


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