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GIANTS EDITOR V9.0.1 for Farming Simulator 2022

- Support for i3d Farming Simulator 22 format
- Added basic conversion of mods from Farming Simulator 19 to Farming Simulator 22.
+ Converts density maps and adds new density maps
+ Converts textures of distance fields
+ Converts SunAdmirer, Nightlight, Nightlight2, NightIllumination on Creates for new visibility conditions
+ Replaces custom shaders
+ Converts foliage
+ Convert terrain layer attributes
+ Add a new editor for naming annotation for density maps and information layers
+ Several manual steps are required:
++ Transforming terrain normal maps (adding height channel, moving smoothness channel)
++ Converting distance textures (alpha channel is now smooth)
- Added support for i3d links.
- Added "Blocked group" attribute for any node. Allows you to select locked groups instead of their children
- Added shortcut for creating a "locked group" for selection: Ctrl + Shift + G
- Added a new mesh drawing mode.
- Added horizontal scroll bar to the scene graph panel.
- Added mouse button function "erosion" in the terrain editing panel.
- Added support for Windows high contrast mode in the scene graph panel.
- Added search bar for scene graph.
- Added separate gizmo modes (Q: combo, E: scaling, R: rotation, T: translation)
- Added first person mode
- Added national team rating
- Fixed movement with RMB + WASD
- Added support for adding multiple audio files to audio source.
- Fixed copy / cut / paste crash when pasting to the same node that was copied / cut (cut and undo to get the old node)
- Added the ability to edit the hostname with F2
- Added simpler geometry to create (WASD + ctrl + space + mouse to control, esc to exit)
- Added the ability to change various checkboxes when selecting multiple objects.
- Added a new option for rendering the translation auxiliary mesh when translating inside a plane.
- Added terrain layer manager for modifying terrain layers.
- Added a dialog for editing shortcuts.
- Added selection of a rectangular object in the viewport.
- Added German localization
- Fixed deleting group nodes when clearing undo / redo history.
- Improved object selection (equipment)
- Added "Default" menu item for View / Debug / menu, which resets the debug view.
- Added option to toggle if non-renderable objects are available for selection.
- Added option to toggle if splines are selected
- The main viewport is removable.
- Added "texture constraint" replacement parameter for texture painting.
- Fixed updating viewport for foliage when sculpting terrain.
- Added snapping also in local mode for moving, rotating and scaling.
- Fixed dragging node in the scene graph
- Added shortcuts to increase and decrease the size of the thing.
- Added new keyboard shortcuts ALT + G, ALT + R, ALT + S to reset translation, rotation and scaling.
- Added support for CTRL + x, CTRL + c, CTRL + v for cut, copy, paste in the control script editor.
- Added support for 3DConnexion SpaceMouse.
- Esc exits the current drawing mode
- Added a named dropdowns option for terrain detail layers.
- Added option to temporarily enable snapping to grid while holding "X"

Credits: GIANTS


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