Demco SideQuest 1000 v1.0.0.1
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Mod Demco SideQuest 1000 v1.0.0.1 for Farming Simulator 2022

- Refueling repair

Demco SideQuest saddle tank systems are industry-leading and easy to mount on a tractor with tracks.
Available in two 350 or 500 gallon large capacity side mount tanks.
The design and location of the SideQuest mount provide excellent visibility to the operator,
reduce the load on the tractor and increase the productivity of agricultural work.
SideQuest is a product to consider when fertilizing at planting. Add a Demco 3-point boom for efficient,
economical spraying. Demco SideQuest is a high quality, unique product designed to improve efficiency and effectiveness in the field.

Capacity: 3786 l
Price: 8.000 $
Designed for: John Deere 8R,8RT,8RX US version 2020, Challenger MT700 and MT800, John Deere 9RT US

- Demco brand configuration
- 3 color options
- 3 sticker options in the store

Credits: SiiD Modding, Brent Elinburg


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