Prentice 2384B v1.0.0.0
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Mod Prentice 2384B v1.0.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2022
With this machine, you can remove branches from trees that have been felled by a feller buncher or a chainsaw.
- Simply grab the bottom of the tree with your claws and place it in the lopper. Then close the claws of the lopper and start the lopper by moving/rotating your hand.
- When delimbing, you can cut the tree to a predetermined length using the saw located on the back of the delimbing machine.
- The recommended size of trees for processing: no more than 25 m.
- He cuts off limbs only when the claws are closed.
- The current length of the cut tree is shown in the F1 menu and on the internal display
- You can enable automatic rotation of the gripping head when delimbing (useful when using a combination of keyboard and mouse to control instead of two joysticks)
- All controls can be set in control settings
Price: 325000 €
Power: 280 HP
Maximum. reach: 10 m
KEY_b - turn on the saw
KEY_v - enable/disable automatic head rotation

Credits: ASP Logging


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