Ponsse ScorpionKing v1.0.1.0
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Mod Ponsse ScorpionKing v1.0.1.0 for Farming Simulator 2022

List of changes:
Added color change for chains and straps.
Fixed a bug with chains and ribbons.
Reworked mass points
Changed tires to regular width
Realism mod bug fixed
Sun visors replaced with tinted windows
Sound set

Cutting length up to 25 meters in 0.5 m increments.
Tiltable CPU head and grip control
Various tires, including chains
Rear protection in old and new version
windshield grille
Color choice for vehicle, cab, harvester head and rims
Trailer hitch functionality
Transport position
Cabin interior lighting
parking lights
Choice of trolley lift: front, rear or complete

Price from: 385.000 €
Power: 286 HP - 385 hp

Credits: HR Forst und Fahrzeugbau


Download39.0 MB

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