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This is a set of three log trailers that have more space between the beds so you can load/unload them with a front end loader or large arm loaders. - Price: $39,000/ $45,000/ $55,000 - Additional berths that can be folded/unfolded when loading short logs into 3 or 4 piles (15m and 20m trailers) - Rear attachment for trailer and trailerLow for all trailers - Edited autoload script ( logs are now sorted into stacks) - You can change the number of stacks of logs on your trailer from 1 to 4 - You can switch between stacks manually - You can show the unloading area to see where the logs will be unloaded. - You can show the loading area to see the current pile - You can move, resize and rotate the unloading area - The number and total mass of loaded logs are displayed in the F1 menu - All controls can be set in your Inputbindings - You can enable/disable help F1, it will be saved as global in xml configuration file. 12m trailer: 1 pile up to 12m, 2 piles up to 6m or 3 piles up to 4m 15m trailer: 1 pile up to 15m, 2 piles up to 7.5m or 3 piles up to 5m or 4 piles up to 3.5m 20m trailer: 1 pile up to 20m, 2 piles up to 10m, 3 piles up to 6.5m or 4 piles up to 5m Controls: KEY_X - fold/unfold extra beds (trailers 15m and 20m) KEY_B - start autoloading KEY_Y - start unloading KEY_O - change side (left/right) KEY_KP_enter - change the number of piles KEY_KP_period - go to the next pile KEY_lctrl KEY_KP_minus - shift the unloading position KEY_lctrl KEY_KP_plus - change the size of the unloading position KEY_KP_0 - rotate the unloading position KEY_KP_multiply - show / hide load position (current pile) KEY_KP_divide - show/hide unload position KEY_lctrl KEY_t - show/hide F1 help controls (saved in xml config file) Changelog 1.1. blue when autoload is active zke, starting with the game patch 1.3.1. If you find any bugs or issues, let me know in the comments and I'll fix it in the next version.

Credits: kenny456, Marhu


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TAGS:v1.1.0.0, Runner, FLIEGL, Timber, Wood, AUTOLOAD