Sennebogen Material Handler v1.0.0.0
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Mod Sennebogen Material Handler v1.0.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2022

Sennebogen material handler / clamshell
Compatible with the TerraFarm script, however you will need to add the file I have included in this download to your existing Terrafarm mod (a guide on how to do this was also included if you are not sure), it is an easy process I promise.
Note that due to the clamshell being loaded with the buckets tilted down, the game sees the corner of the bucket as being in "unload mode"... so to fix this, you'll find that I set the buckets not to unload when FULLY open, the buckets will begin to unload from the moment you open them up to the last few inches of rotation, this will allow you to load the buckets without the game trying to instantly unload them as your load, and with that said, you should fully open the buckets for loading, otherwise you will find that it will unload instantly.
I decided not to add full collisions to the buckets at this time to make the loading process easier.
There is a transport mode and a folding-switched operation mode (x)
if you have any problems please leave a message here or send me a message on discord!
- Price: 265000
- Capacity: range from 2490L to 15000L, realistic and unrealistic bucket capacity can be selected in the store, total 4 filling capacities.

Credits: P555LOGGING


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