LIZARD Forage Pickup v1.0.0.0
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Mod LIZARD Forage Pickup v1.0.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2022

Designed to make emptying silos easier, the FP-2M can automatically load all types of feed materials directly from the ground into the nearest trailer.

Store Category: Feed Wagons
Price: $75,000
Required engine power: 90 HP
Maximum. working speed: 20 km/h

- Supports silage, grass, hay, straw and chaff.
- Main color and design color configuration options.
- Control levers for feeder door, feeder body, pipe rotation and pipe end.
- Bulk configuration option to download all types of materials.

Extended Usage:
If the FP-2M is filled with the material you want to unload, you have the option of unloading it directly onto the ground.
If the "Unload Here" option does not appear in the help menu, make sure you are away from the trailers and use the controls to guide the end of the pipe towards the ground.

Credits: FluffyMods


Download3.6 MB

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