New Holland S2200 v1.1.0.0
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Mod New Holland S2200 v1.1.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2022
- Added shaders to select parts
- Ran test runner, removed or fixed textures and compression
- Updated modDesc version to 64 to reflect changes.
New Holland S2200 is a forage harvester produced in Europe in the mid-80s. With a modest power of 220 hp. and heads that barely exceed the transport width of this machine, the S2200 is ideal for small European farmers looking for a reliable shredder. This model was specially imported to the United States to meet the needs of small dairy farmers who need a reliable machine at a low price. This chopper is also quite small, such as the Meyer RT series, Jiffy Hydump or wademitch's Gehl 980!
Specifications S2200
- Price | $30,000
-power 220 horsepower
- Hydrostatic transmission
- top speed 15 mph
- Trelleborg or Michelin tire sets
- Rim color yellow or white
Specifications of the corn header
- Price | $8000
- Working width 4 meters (5 rows)
- operating speed 6 miles per hour
Features of the hay pick-up
- Price | $5,000
- Working width 3.1 meters
- working speed 9 km/h
Sickle Head Specifications
- Price | $5,000
- working width 5 meters
- operating speed 6 miles per hour
Conversion history
- Removed unnecessary lighting, corrected existing lighting
- Added american triangle
- Renamed xmls and i3ds to english names
- Changed sounds
- Added door opening/closing animation
- Added new array effects for corn and sickle mowers.

Credits: Skywalker Farms


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