Lizard TWIN-SCREW XBR2 v1.0.0.1
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Mod Lizard TWIN-SCREW XBR2 v1.0.0.1 for Farming Simulator 2022

- Brand name changed to Lizard

The XBR-2 has a completely different architecture than modern harvesters.
The concave rotates with the rotor, but at a different speed, which can significantly increase the threshing and separation performance.
TWIN-SCREW has only three belts on the whole machine.
It has fewer motors and chains, and far fewer parts than modern combines.
The machine has solid tracks all over the bottom, which significantly increases the cross-country ability and turning radius.
It is equipped with a 400 bushel (14,100 l) grain tank and an unloading capacity of 3.5 bushels per second through a conveyor system.

It's just that TWIN-SCREW was ahead of its time.
"This is a 1994 machine with the features and capabilities of many of the machines we find on the market today"
- 2 configurations of the bunker for grain.
- Easy configurations.
- Keeps track of configurations.
- Room configurations.
- Pipe configurations.
- GPS and tablet configurations.
- OUTSIZE configurations.

Price: 187.000 $
Power: 306 HP

Credits: SiiD Modding


Download29.6 MB

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