Gomselmash KVK-8060 v1.0.0.0
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Mod Gomselmash KVK-8060 v1.0.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2022

High performance forage harvester FS8060 with 650 hp engine. is best suited for farms focused on high rates of development of large-scale livestock farming. A carefully designed design, parts and assemblies manufactured using modern equipment and technologies, components from the best suppliers create the necessary basis for maximum performance of the complex in various agricultural backgrounds.

The FS8060 delivers fast forage, perfect chopping quality at high crop flow rates. This is a high level of automated control of harvesting parameters, maximum working comfort for the operator and ease of maintenance.

Gomselmash FS8060 (KVK-8060)
Price: 350.000€
Engine power: 650 HP
Max. speed: 40 km/h

Modifications (different sound):
- FS8060 (650 hp)
- FS650 (650 hp)

- Design color
- Wheel selection
- Toning
- Tire pressure system (built-in Tire Pressure script)

Additional features and recommended mods:
- GPS (requires FS22_guidanceSteering)
- Passenger seat (requires Kubota DLC)
- Dashboard Live integration (requires FS22_DashboardLive)
- Interactive Control integration (requires FS22_interactiveControl)

KVK 0200000:
Price: 80.000€
Required power: 580 hp
Capture width: 6.0 m
Max. working speed: 10 km/h

Credits: Average Enjoyer


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