Case IH Axial-Flow 150 Series v1.0.0.0 (1.14.x)
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The Harvester 150 series was created to serve all grain growers profiles perfectly who want to further enhance the professionalism of their business. This line of combines raises the production level with its models: 4150, 5150, 6150 and 7150, which still have different modifications. In this mod you will find two models of combines: one — 4150, and the other — with additional models 5150, 6150 and 7150.

Features of the model:
Axial-Flow 4150
- Power: 299 hp
- Price: 128,000 USD.
- Cargo ship capacity: 7050 liters

Axial-Flow 5150
- Optional for models 5150, 6150 and 7150.
- Power: 319, 387, 442 hp corresponds to the models in the previous topic
- Price: $235,000
- Dry cargo capacity: 11200 and 14200 liters, slightly extrapolated from what corresponds to real life.
- Additional drain pipes with lengths of 7, 7.9 and 8.3 meters.
- Animation of the exhaust pipe

Features of both models
- Additional single, transport and twin tires, each with two rear rim options.
- Additional tire brands Continental, Michelin, Mitas, Trelleborg, Vredestein and Lizard are rice fields.
- 4 shades of glass
- Panel option
- Two models of side stairs
- Signal option
- Realistic animation of monitors at startup
- Door animation, in this one, when the door is opened, the sound from the inside matches the sound from the outside, giving the animation a realistic look
- Manual animation of side panels, stairs, turn signals, seats, steering column and mirrors.
- In both models, the cargo ship can only be opened from the bow or with a tarpaulin.

Credits: Agro Tonho


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