TLX 3500 Series v1.4.0.0 (1.14.x)
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The TLX 3500 series SUV. Big Brother has come!!!! The TLX2020 sets the standard for versatility, the TLX3500 elevates this concept exponentially. A completely new design, options, combinations and lots of fun!

Base price: $28,000.

Versions are included:
- Crew cabin
- Single cabin

Modules included:
- Crew Cab: Pickup truck; Flatbed; Dump truck
- Single cabin: Pickup XL; Tablet XL; Prospector XL

Available options:
- Special editions: Stock, Metallized, Black Belle, Copperhead and Silver Bullet.
- Mirrors: stock, wide
- Additionally: drain, thresholds, pipe, roof and their combinations.
- Bumpers: Choose from 7 options.
- Lighting: drain, floodlights or LED lights
- Headlights: choose between several colors
- Wheels: Choose from 30+ options
- Attachments: stock or plow mount
- Engines: 7.3 L diesel or 6.2 L supercharged

In version 1.4:
- Fixed steering wheel in single cabin
- Fixed the signal
- Fixed XL version with incorrect exhaust smoke

Credits: 82Studio


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