Thunder 4x4 OffRoad v1.0.0.0
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Thunder 4x4 OffRoad SUV.
- Base price: $47.300
- Power and speed: 300 hp (75 mph) and 600 hp (125 mph)
- 9 types of tires
- 4 types of rim
- Rear hitch configuration: Trailer, trailerLow and Goosenek.
- Exhaust tail configuration: 2 types.
- Side air intake configuration: with or without side air intake.
- Spare wheel configuration: With or without + Stickers
- Configuration of anti-roll bars: with or without
- Configuration of tension cables: with or without
- 5.5 t winch configuration: with or without
- Glass tinting configuration: 0%, 25%, 75% and 100%.
- Body configuration: tubular doors, solid doors, closed body (roof).
- Configuration of side strips: with or without.
- Additional lighting configuration: front lights, overhead lights or no lighting at all.
- Color configurations: main body, design, engine grille, side stripes, leather linings and seats, leather spare wheel and rims.
- Independent damping of four wheels.
- Windows and ceiling glass can be opened (X key).
- Exterior and interior mirrors can be adjusted with the mouse.
- Sun visors can be lowered and raised with the mouse.
- The rear door opens with the Z key (open lid), it can only be opened when the goose hitch is selected.

Credits: Hispano


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