Ford Transit MK8 Remake v1.0.0.0 (1.13.x)
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Redesign of the Ford Transit MK8 mod from MinewarsLP, BF Stuttgart, GDNfix).
Engine sounds and more have been changed and added. I made classic animations of entry/exit and folding/unfolding with the doors opening, redesigned and supplemented the lighting, redesigned the wheels and added an external tuning pack with off-road tires, trunk, trunk and roof chandeliers. In addition, I added belts and a spare tire to the van in two versions – conventional (rear under the frame) and off-road (on an outrigger folding bracket). I animated the gimbal, added a stylized coloring of the sidewalls, the ability to choose a configuration, and changed the color palette. Some small details have been edited for the beauty and optimization of the model.

Initially, the mod seems to have universal auto-loading and interactive control (I did not check, did not touch). There is still no dirt and wear - so far I have left it as it is. The log is clean. The mod version is the same as the original, be careful.

- Power 188 hp
. - Maximum speed 120 km / h
. - Cost in the game: 46308.

Credits: Nikolaich


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