FORD RAPTOR F150 2017 V1.1.0.0
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Ford Raptor F150 2017

You can get the Concept Crawler Barrow here: click_here

➣ Fixed Caliper Rotation While Driving
➣ Fixed Dashboard Hidden Element While Turned Off
➣ Added White Color To The Daytime Running Light Configuration
➣ Added Hood Configuration
➣Added Front Grill Configuration
➣ Added Passenger Seats (kubota expension)

➣ Price: $47,986
➣ Power: 450 HP
➣ Max Speed: 172 KMH
➣ Body Color Configuration
➣Interior Color Configuration
➣ Decal Color Configuration
➣ Rims Color Configuration
➣ Daytime Running Light Color Configuration
➣ Windows Tint Configuration
➣ Front Bumper Configuration
➣ Working Winch (Platinum DLC required)
➣ To Maintain its Wonderfull Look, All Attachers Are Invisble, the Trailer Hitch and GooseNeck Hitch will be visible when you attach a trailer to it.

Credits: My GameSteam


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