2020 Ford Super-Duty Limited v1.0.0.0
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Mod 2020 Ford Super-Duty Limited v1.0.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2022
Fixed a texture issue on the frame.
“The 2020 Ford Super Duty lineup represents the pinnacle of the company's pickup capability and technology.
From the F-250 to the F-350 and all the way up to the F-450, these heavy-duty giants are built to tow heavy loads and even as family vehicles.
The simplest versions are perfect for merchants, while the fanciest finishes are perfect for business executives.
There's no shortage of horsepower and torque with any of the three available V-8 engines that stand out as the most powerful diesel engine on the market.
Regardless of configuration, the 2020 Super Duty pickups prove the potential of modern heavy duty vehicles.” - Car driver
Please enjoy this version of Ford Superduty. In my opinion, the limited trim F350 and F450 are Ford's best work. I really like the look of these trucks.
If you've ever stood next to one of these or had the opportunity to enjoy a test drive, you know how massive and comfortable these pickups are.
Fixed fuel transfer tank. Vehicle-to-vehicle transfer now works correctly (only issue is that fill triggers now cause the AI ​​to stop moving when they get close to the driver's side of the truck)
Fixed interior reflection map (wrong dxt file structure)
Added muffler vibration and fixed exhaust timing (thanks to CSM Modding).
Added support for Gooseneck attachments converted from FS19.

Credits: JD Mapping


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