TLX Phoenix Series v1.2.5.0
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Mod TLX Phoenix Series v1.2.5.0 for Farming Simulator 2019
TLX 9000 Phoenix Semi-automatic
 Powerful long-nosed axle shafts with the widest range of options and settings.
Recommended features / options:
- New set of custom colors created for this occasion
- Input animation
- Doors open (Open Cover function)
- Windows can be lowered / raised
- Full animated control panel
- Fully functional mirrors
- Adjustable 5th wheels
- Hidden rear hitch; only visible when used
- Dynamic hoses for connecting trailers (depending on the trailer)
- Custom lighting throughout the truck. You will want to drive at night!
- Custom engine sounds captured from a real Cummins BigCam2 camera (including jake break, beep ...), credits to Derek Champlin (Expendables modding)
- Custom engine sounds captured from a real Detroit D60 (including jake break, honk ...), credits to Derek Champlin (Expendables modding)
- Strap for easy transport
Recommended configurations available in the store:
- Configurations: wheelbase tuning for short, medium, long and heavy haul
- front bumpers
- Design for stripes
- Rear fenders
- front visor
- Additional headlights
- Wheel configurations
- Engine options; starting with the base T9-000 engine and going up to the powerful T9-525, presented with special badges on the sides of the cab.
- Exhaust systems
- Additional options; Headstand with 3 options!
- Price (basic) 82119 €
Available items to move / control with joystick / mouse (depending on store settings)
- Windows roll up and down
- 5th wheel adjustable
- Adjustable rear hitch (if selected in configurations)
- Adjustable work lighting rack (if selected in configurations)
Changelog v1.1.0.0:
- Fixed: dynamic suspension behavior.
- Added special editions including CAT3408 sounds.
- Copperhead Edition - with all copper metal finishes
- Silver Bullet Edition - with all chrome metal finishes
- Black Belle Edition - with all blackened chrome metal finishes
- Added new Rigid X2 configuration.
- Added new attachments X2 Dumper.
- Added 4 hard mount configurations for TLX9000.
- 2 options with central axes; one without tag axis and one with tag axis
- 2 Sets rear axles moved back; one without tag axis and one with tag axis
Changelog v1.2.0.0:
- Improved: dynamic suspension behavior.
- Added truck and mirror control groups for adjustable mirrors in the game!
- Added new Rigid X2 pop trailer.
- Added new TLX Dolly.
Changelog v1.2.5.0:
- Improved script and slot consumption. Now there are 3 trucks, one for the engine.
- Added heavy duty bumpers.
- Added Coffin Sleeper configurations.
- Added Logger X2 application.
- Added a Heavy Duty wheel variant under the Phoenix brand.
- Added 4 new wheel options under the Trilex brand.

Credits: 82Studio


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