Škoda Liaz ST 180 nosič FINAL
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MOD Škoda Liaz ST 180 nosič FINAL for Farming Simulator 2019

We present you the Škoda Liaz ST180 in an extended version with a spreader and a silage body. There is also silage siding. The elevator is not from us, it has only been modified and adapted to our car. The model of the lift from Sati, unfortunately, he did not call, so perhaps he will not be angry.

- simpleIC support
- manualAttach support
- Lots of configurations
- Lots of animations
- it is possible to change the chassis for the body with simleIC at the back or with the X key
- when using manualAttach, the hoses must be connected to the spreader

We recommend damaging the Keyboard Steering modem for more realism.

Credits: dj-ocas, jezedak


Download147.2 MB

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