KrAZ-257 v1.1.0.0
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Mod KRAZ-257 v1.1.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2019
KrAZ-257 is a 6x4 truck made by the Soviet and then Ukrainian manufacturer KrAZ. Produced from 1965 to 1995. The car is predominantly a civilian version of the much more famous KrAZ-255.
Since 1977, the modernized KrAZ-257B1 model has been produced.
KrAZ-257 is one of the most reliable Soviet trucks, easy to maintain and repair. Thanks to its excellent cross-country ability, the vehicle was successfully used in the army, industry and agriculture.
KrAZ-257 is a basic modular truck with swap bodies (category: Trucks).
- Cost: 32000.
- Engine: YaMZ-238 (240 HP 67 km / h) and YaMZ-238M2 (240 HP 82 km / h)
- Configurable design.
- Choice of color: basic, design, rims.
- Choice of tires.
- Support for Universal Passenger mod.
Onboard module for transportation of bulk cargo (category: Miscellaneous).
- Cost: 9000.
- Capacity: 20,000 tons
- Configurable design.
- Color selection.
- License plate configuration.
On-board module for transportation of bales and pallets (category: Miscellaneous).
- Cost: 7000.
- Tension belts.
- Configurable design.
- Color selection.
- License plate configuration.
Module - Tank for transporting liquids (category: Miscellaneous).
- Cost: 8000.
- Capacity: 11,000 tons
- Transports: water, milk, liquid fertilizers, slurry, digestate, herbicides.
- Configurable design.
- Color selection.
- License plate configuration.
Module - Transporter for transportation of small cars, tractors, agricultural machinery. The module is equipped with an experimental winch (option) for lifting small seeders, cultivators and other agricultural implements to the platform (category: Miscellaneous).
- Cost: 6000.
- Experimental winch (optional).
- Configurable design.
- Can refuel equipment.
- Choice of color: basic, design.
- License plate configuration.
- Compatible with Vehicle Straps.
v. Changelog:
- Added tank for liquids.
- Added module - Transporter.
- All modules are now grouped in the store in the Miscellaneous category.
- Expanded choice of colors
- Fixed working with Universal Passenger.
- Minor fixes and improvements.

Credits: Karl911


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