ATC Freight Transportation Pack v1.0.0.0
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Mod  ATC Freight Transportation Pack v1.0.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2019

Pak consists of the following vehicles:
TGS03: MAN 18t body (15000l)
TGS04: MAN 26t bodywork (20000l)
TGS05: MAN 41t body (25000l)

TGD03: Biaxial Swivel Trailer with Short Wheelbase (15,000 L)
TGD04: 2-axle trailer with swivel platform, long wheelbase (20,000 l)
TGD05: 3-axle trailer with swivel platform (25,000 l)

TSDH03: single axle trailer with rigid drawbar (15,000 l)
TSDH04: two-axle trailer with rigid coupling (20,000 l)
TSDH05: 3-axle trailer with rigid drawbar (25,000 l)

TST06: 1-axle semi-trailer (30,000 l)
TST07: biaxial semi-trailer (35000l)
TST08: 3-axle semi-trailer (40,000 l)

Designations 03 ... 08 refer to the number of housing modules. One 1.6 m module offers space for two pallets.

Vehicle Functions:
adaptive cornering light (truck only)
Parts of high-speed rotation (truck only)
TrailerAttacher front and rear (trucks only)
different engines depending on the weight category (only for trucks)
DLP construction
MergeGroup Construction
Selection of a logistics company
optional trailer rear trailer (trailer only)
For semi-trailers, you can also configure KingPin (see Menu F1) (TST only)
On a trailer with a rigid drawbar, the drawbar can be raised and lowered (see Menu F1) (TSTDH only)
Bulk cargo belts
FS 19 lighting system
different tire manufacturers and types
Primary color selection
Disc color selection
Own category in the store.
bulk upload
Tipanimation (the door case opens and closes when unloading bulk materials)
Global company support.

Credits: Alfredix


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