Junkkari Module Trailers v1.0.0.2
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MOD Junkkari Module Trailers v1.0.0.2 for Farming Simulator 2019

The two largest Junkkari modular trailers, J16 and J18, which you can now enjoy in Farming Símulator!

- Removed the drawbar suspension.
- Adjusted J16JLV and J18JLV collisions for forage harvester and unloading harvester.

- Adjusted price for J18 platform.
- Adjusted the tipping speed of the onboard platform J18.
- Fixed a bug with missing gray color in l10n.
- Adjusted the stiffness of the drawbar on both trailers.

J16 and J18:
Carrying capacity 16 and 18 tons
Wheel options: Trelleborg, Mitas, Michelin, Nokian, Lizard
Bogie axles
Wing options
Rear linkage and bumper options
Connection options for the attachment

J16 JLV and J18 JLV:
Default: 19200 and 22000
Additional sides: 23000 and 26000
Silage cassette: 34000 and 38000
Color options
Decal options
Cover options

J16 JLD and J18 JLD:
Default: 10000 and 11200
Grain cassette: 19300 and 21600
Color options
Decal options
Cover options
You can open the tailgate a little - ideal for even distribution of sand, etc.

Credits: Farmari99


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