ZETOR FORTERRA HD 130/150 v1.2
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Мod  ZETOR FORTERRA HD 130/150 v1.2  for Farming Simulator 2019


V 1.2:
- Cabin suspension
- Seat suspension
- Illumination of the hood and side panel when the light is on
- working front and rear wipers
V 1.1:
- The choice of the engine in the store: in V1.0, when buying a Forterra HD 150, you actually received the desired engine power, but it was not visible in the store, since the indicated power on the information panel did not change from 127 hp up to 147 hp , In version 1.1, this is fixed.
- Final rotation of the front right wing: In version 1.0, the right wing rotated to the final rotation of the wheel when turning to the right. In version 1.1, this problem is fixed, and now the wing stops its rotation at some point, while the wheel continues to turn.
V 1.0:
- Real engine sounds from FS 17
- real working front suspension! It took quite a while, but finally it is done!
- Animated trailers. When using one coupling device, the other disappears. When attaching the trailer to the front hitch of the trailer, the front levers of the three-point hitch and the upper link also disappear.
- Added engine selection: Forterra HD 130 and Forterra HD 150. The inscriptions on the hood change accordingly.
- Tire configuration: standard, wide (standard in FS 17), double, narrow, double narrow
- Front loader configuration

- Dynamic hoses
- Standard price 65 000 Euro
- The tractor gets dirty and washed.

Credits: Radichkov


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