URSUS 4CYL. 4X2 PACK V1.1.0.0
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Mod URSUS 4CYL. 4X2 PACK V1.1.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2019

A package of 4-cylinder Ursus tractors with rear axle drive (C-385 / 902 / 912 / 1002 / 1012).
- SIMPLE IC added! !! !! (all roofs, rear window, doors)
-new TAURUS tires and are instead of trelleborgs.
-added front wheels in drivetrains with a tread
-The lights are now shining yellow
- faders shake
- rear rim and hub holes are now of the correct size
- FINN's roof has stickers.

Basic version price: 25.500
Power: 71-100 hp
Category: Small tractors
Top speed: 34 km/h or 42 km/h

The mod has the following configurations:
-Model and engine power
-Gearbox speed
-Frontloader console
-Tire size and width, and rim type
-Weights or front linkage
-Cabin equipment
-Rear fenders
-Type of cockpit
-Type of steering wheel
-Wheel weights
-Type of roof
-Door type
-Cabin window type

And the ability to choose a color of:
-Masks and fenders
-Engine with a cabin
-The roof
-Front weights
-Wheel weights

Credits: Karas


Download79.9 MB

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