Vaederstad Rapid A600-800S Tramline Edition v1.0.0.0
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Mod Vaederstad Rapid A600-800S Tramline Edition v1.0.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2019


Vaederstad Rapid A600-800S Tramline Edition

From the Swedish manufacturer Väderstad, the pneumatic seeder Rapid A600-800S is supplied.
Rapid is a seeder that prepares, aligns, sows and re-compacts seed in a single pass.

You can choose one of the following models:
- The fast seeder A600S 6 m with direct sowing
- Quick seeder A800S 8 m with direct sowing

Each model can have one or both of the following options:
- Very large seed tank (5000 l vs 3100 l)
- Additional fertilizer tank with precise control (1600 l)

All models and versions have Tramline features:
- Technological lines are off
- Narrow tramlines
- normal tramlines
- Wide technological lines

This mod version of Väderstad Rapid has the following additions:
- Choice of width (6 m or 8 m) with additional hose covers and moving parts
- Tractor hoses
- With a new fertilizer tank and animated staircase at the back
- Expansion of the seed hopper
- additional rear working lights
- Technological lines with a choice of width

Credits: Jens Ejvinsson


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