Waiting Workers v1.0.0.2
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Mod Waiting Workers v1.0.0.2 for Farming Simulator 2019

New in v1.0.0.1
- Don't let the implement pick up when the player regains control of the worker in the field
Fixed in version
- Crash when stopping a worker in the field with multiple tools like Kuhn HR4004 + BTF4000.

When using a worker, you often come across a situation where the worker reports that he has completed his task, while in fact part of the field has yet to be done.
So you have to restart the tractor / combine, restart the implement and replace the worker. In a crooked field, this can happen many times and become boring.
With this mod, the worker will wait a certain amount of time before stopping the tool and finally the engine. It will also allow you to quickly regain control of the worker if you manually stop it.

By default, the unit stops after 2 minutes (except for the sprayer, which stops directly as usual). The engine stops after 3 minutes.
You will receive a notification that the vehicle is stopped.

Credits: yumi


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