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Universal Passenger is a unique passenger mod that allows you to constantly travel alongside your AI workers or friends in a multiplayer game.

1. You can enter all cars in the base game that have one or more passenger seats.
Important: some cars are too small and they are ruled out.
2. Ability to travel as a passenger with trains loaded from the base game, if indicated on the map.
3. Ability to move between accessible passenger seats and an empty driver's seat.
Important: The driver's seat option is for farm-owned vehicles only.
4. Quick TAB for affordable cars and trains.
Important: to use this feature, the machine must be part of your farm.
5. Views and sounds of the camera inside and outside.
6. Live location data PDA and map for all passengers.
7. Possibility to purchase for each vehicle to restrict the use of passenger seats [All Users], [Farm Only] or [Disabled].

Features / Modding Support:
1. Supports adding passenger seat positions directly to car models.
2. The character is loaded using the "Universal Passenger", so no additional polygons are required for static models.
3. Built-in creation mode to help position the car character and export XML information. (More soon!)
4. Support "Pasenger Addon Mods" to include additional global vehicle XML, so no vehicle XML editing is required.
5. Support for animation of entering and changing objects.

Standard input keys:
In / Out = [Shift Left] + [Z]
Next vehicle = [Left CTRL] + [Tab]
Next location (if available) = [N]

- Fixed bug when using Head Tracking.
- Fixed an input binding conflict preventing selection of farmland on the map when using a controller.
- Added Russian translation

- Vehicles selected in the "Map Overview Screen" can now be entered as a passenger.
- Passenger name is now correctly displayed in the "Map Overview Screen" under the name of the vehicle operator.
- All passengers can now see other passenger names above their heads.
- Fixed a bug where the driver was not always displayed in front of the passenger.
- Fixed a bug that prevented the passenger from visiting the marked place or when using the "Dynamic waypoint" mod.
- Fixed a bug in the base game that caused "Enter Animations (steering wheel, etc.)" to return to launch when AI was running.
- All passengers will now be kicked off the Alpine DLC train when it leaves the map.
- Changing to the Alpine DLC train is no longer possible when it is outside the map.
- Creator mode adjustments for mod creators.

- Added support for the following base game vehicles, Giants mods and DLCs:
* DLC Alpine Farming Pack (6 vehicles).
* DLC Bourgault Pack (John DeereSeries 9 RX).
* Precision Farming DLC ​​(John Deere XUV865M).
* Kemper Pack (John Deere Series 9000).
* John Deere 6M series.
* Claas Axion 960TT.
* Valtra G.
* Liebherr L538.
* Holmer Terra Dos - 4.
* Strautmann VertiMix 1702.
* Ropa Terra Feliz 3.
* Ropa NavaRo Mouse.
* Ropa Maus 5.

- Updates and fixes for the following vehicle:
* Passenger Krone BigX 1180 now moves with the cab when lifting / lowering.
* The position of the Big M 450 exit for passenger 2 has been fixed.
* The exit position of Tatra Phoenix is ​​fixed.
* Outside passenger added to Massey Ferguson 7347.
* External passenger added to Ropa Panther 2.
* External passenger added to Ropa Tiger 6.
* An outside passenger has been added to Rostselmash 161.
* External passenger added to New Holland FR780.
* Added two unauthorized passengers to Rostselmash Nova 330.
* Added two unauthorized passengers to Rostselmash F2650.

- Fixed a bug allowing the user to move to the driver's seat of a vehicle when it is already being used in a multiplayer game.

- Added support for the following Giants and DLC mods.
* Cotton DLC (John Deere cp690).
* Horsch Pack (Horsch Leeb PT 350).
* Claas Pack DLC (9 cars).
* Claas Pack DLC "Pre-Order" (2 cars).

Credits: GtX


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