See Bales v2.1.0.0
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Mod See Bales v2.1.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2019
This mod will make the PDA player map and game menu map display small hotspots for bale and pallet objects wherever they exist.
Added support for multiplayer games.
The AP details fields now always display a bale or pallet image (along with the owner's farm name in MP).
Added support for custom bales (e.g. from Maizeplus, Maizeplus Forage Extension).
Statistics now count bales of different sizes separately.
V2.0.0.1: Added support for non-standard pallets (for example, for the straw collection add-on).
V2.0.0.0: Added menu for setting parameters - Shift-b for display (only outside the car).
Added bale / pallet statistics tables.
Cotton bales included.
The marker size is now customizable.
Hotspots will display icons representing various objects, be they bales or pallets, or small colored markers.
Icons will look like the object itself, and markers will represent objects in different colors, for example:
Straw bales ~ light brown
Hay bales ~ light green
Grass bales ~ dark green
Silage bales ~ pink
Woolen pallet ~ light gray
The display type and size of the map markers can be adjusted in the SeeBales menu (Shift-b to display the menu, outside the vehicle only).
When the size is set to “small”, the icons / markers are very small, they only appear at a fairly high zoom level on the map (they are not displayed when zoomed by default).
Each time the game is saved, these settings are saved in the “BaleSee.xml” file in the / modsSettings directory. If this file is present when loading a save game, the initial values ​​of the configuration parameters will be read.
The SeeBales menu also displays some statistics about all in-game bales and pallets. Rows with count = 0 do not appear in statistics tables.

Credits: Mmtrx


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