Seasons GEO: Central Europe Simplified v1.5.0.0
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МOD Seasons GEO: Central Europe Simplified v1.5.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2019

This GEO mod is a little based on the weather in Central Europe, but it is greatly simplified to enjoy the seasons without complicated work.

- according to the weather in Central Europe
- even distribution of four seasons
- mild spring and autumn, warm summer (max. 28 ° C / 82 ° F), cold winter (max. 3 ° C / 37 ° F) with snow
- precipitation values ​​are unified from March to November (max. 45 mm) and increased for winter (max. 150 mm)
- maximum resistance of all plants to frost and drought
- germination at 0 ° С upwards
- the terms of sowing and harvesting have been greatly simplified
- no crop rotation needed
- without hail
- Selling prices for loose straw, grass and hay have been increased by half the cost of bales.
- extended working day of the assistant (6-21 hours)
- processing of soil with frozen soil is possible
- reducing the need for food for animals
- Maize Plus Forage & Horse Extension support

The following rules apply at the time of planting and harvesting:
- sowing and harvesting times from early spring to early winter
- all ripe fruits that have not been harvested rot in the middle of winter
- all fruits that are still growing survive the winter
- no growth in winter
- grass and poplar can be harvested all year round, but they will not grow in winter
- oil radish can be buried in the ground all year round

- fixed the growth of pasture grass, horse grass, miscanthus, clover, alfalfa and field grass
- added loose grass for sale
- increased wind speed (for better wind animation of foliage)
- compost can now be applied even when the ground is frozen
- added fruit support from Maize Plus: Forage Extension (including Horse Extension)
- fixed condition of grass regrowth in non-working state
- added growth settings for grass propagation
- fixed sugar cane growth
- fixed crop rotation
- fixed price for silage
- sugarcane growth revised
- winter temperatures are set
- increased rainfall due to snow in winter
- summer temperature increased to 28 ° C / 82 ° F
- description adapted
- all machines and tools can now be used on frozen ground
- all types of embankments (fertilizers, lime, etc.) can now be used on frozen ground
- increased likelihood of snowfall in winter
- set wind speed
- the need for food for animals has been halved
- manure and liquid manure adapted to less feed
- the grass grows until the beginning of winter

Required modifications:
- Seasons (Author: Realismus Modding)

Credits: TopAce888


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