REAL MUD V1.0.0.0
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- Added mud and mud fill types to the game that allow players to create mud by buying a mud fill type and watering it with a water trailer.
-In addition, a "Mud Effect System" has been added to the game, which supports lowering vehicles (wheels), including mud particle systems, mud physics and more.

-Mud is purchased from the included Mud Refueling Station, which can be used as fill in the lowlands surrounding trees and for earthmoving equipment (just for fun).
-The mud is created with the "Water Trailer" to soak a pile of mud. It can then be collected and transferred if desired.

- The kit includes a special "Water Trailer", which has a real system for the release of water particles and even water inside the tank.
- Traxx on this trailer will help prevent getting stuck in mud and also not trailer dependent.

-Mud activates the Mud FX system at any time (regardless of rain and environment)
-While in the field in the rain, the Mud FX system is activated, which will treat the entire field like mud.

- Lowering depth, wheel slip and drag all depend on the number of wheels and the width of the tires of the vehicle.
- The tracks sink the least, and the narrow ones (the care wheels) sink the most.

Included: mud filling station (placeable)
Included item in store: AquaTraxx 9600 VPR (water trailer)

* If removal of this mod is required, be sure to clean all tools from dirt and grime, then use console commands (see video) to remove all dirt from the card. Then save the game and the mod can be uninstalled without any problems.

[Console Commands]:
- "removeAllDirt" = Removes all dirt from the map (remove).
- "removeAllMud" = Removes all dirt from the card (remove).
- "toggleRainWeather" = Turns on rainy weather.

Mod "Category Adder" is required.

Credits: ViperGTS96


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