QuickCamera v2.1.0.9
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Мod  QuickCamera   v2.1.0.9  for  Farming Simulator 2019

Use the keys to quickly get the camera of the vehicle;
- look left / right, turn 45 ° / 90 °
- look forward / backward, increase / decrease

Change Log
- Added “restoration of game loading, vehicle camera settings; last used, height and scale "
- Mobile camera cabin (experimental, by default an unassigned enter key is installed)

Or when the player is on foot;
- rotate 45 ° / 180 °
- works even faster (mouse wheel up / down in running mode)

An optional AI-Camera is available when the vehicle is controlled by an employee.

the questions
- [KNOWN ISSUE] QuickCamera buttons from time to time “stuck / do not work” appeared on the menu screens and returned to the vehicle. To “unhook” the keys, move the mouse a little while in the vehicle.
- [KNOWN ISSUE] If you leave a vehicle controlled by an employee with an active AI camera, when the employee stops, the camera can switch back to that vehicle.
- Perhaps some translations are incorrect

Credits: Decker_MMIV


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