ProductionsInfoHud v1.0.1.5
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MOD ProductionsInfoHud v1.0.1.5 for Farming Simulator 2019

Hud to show productions that require Achimobil's attention.

- Collect data for display only for what is actually displayed to improve performance.
- You can now set the number of displayed industries that require raw materials.
- The remaining hours filter is now configurable. Raw materials are displayed when they have fallen below the minimum deficit and remaining hours.
- Translation of dialogue and some other things that the giants asked for ModHub.

Designed for the NF march, but compatible with all Global Company products.

The mod shows in the overlay the production in the list, which ...
- do not have raw materials and therefore stand still
- which run empty for the next 72 hours and have a fill level of less than 75%.
This list is sorted according to the remaining term, blanks appear first, then in ascending order based on the remaining term.
In the remaining period, production will be taken into account that were disabled by the user or not taken into account.
If raw materials are not required for an activated production line, they are also not displayed.

It also shows sales opportunities where products from factories or warehouses can be sold at the best prices.
But only if the Tunisian sales price trigger is installed and activated.
In addition, there must be at least 100K Liters available in the warehouse or manufacturing facility, and the price specified in the sales price trigger must be exceeded.

Through the settings dialog (standard LShift + LCTRL + P), production can be ignored separately for goods deliveries and goods sales.

- A global company.
- The sales price trigger from Tunisia, if you also want to display sales prices, is optional.

Thanks to Klaus_Ferrano for the store icon.

Explanation of the settings that are not yet available through the in-game menu:
<positionBelowVehicleInspector bool = "true" />
- true = places the display under the display of the Vehicle Inspector mod.
- false = fixed position

<inputProduct inputProductId = "2" capacity = "500000" fillTypeTitles = "Water" minNeededAmount = "125000" />
- here only minNeededAmount can be configured for the amount with which products can be displayed.

Credits: Achimobil


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