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The MultiOverlay V3 Hud Mod is designed to give you a quick informational overview of some of the game's important features.

Version 3.30 Beta
- fix first Start IconFail icons
- fix garbage collector performance when displaying and storing an object
- fixed conversion of FillType name to langugage.xml (name = fill in washed potatoes "de = Gew Kartoffeln, etc.)! Reg name required!
- a new additional view of the coordinates of the player's position under the MiniMap
- new 2xPDA Cmd (including 2xHidden Icons) invisibleAllSlots (all slots are invisible) and invisibleAllPdas (all PDAs are invisible)
- new functions for slot commands FillTypes / Amount / Price and FillTypes / Amount -> Sort by amount (default), name or price
- new detector for Slot Cmds Objecs (name >> next to the object (Slot Cmd Select Settings)
- new icons for PDA
- new Bale / Pal. GtX Storage Add-on | Andy Tech Support (Sort by Object Stores)
- new fill types Missionen #WEI for Weizen or #KAR for Kartoffeln etc. (or click% for full name) (SP Blinking Field Mission)
- go from page 2 to page 1 ---> viewApps and viewLines 1 Map Missionen
- new digital clock icons InGame Time with function (additional hours: minutes: seconds)
- new FillTypeMover script from Farmer_Schubi Support (Sort by Factory (FM)) (bsp: Porta Westfalica map)
- new commands for individual storages (sorting by storages)
- new 1xSlot Cmd * consolenCmds * (module for sorting by Mo)
- new 1xSlot Cmd * Farmlands * (Mo sorting module)

Brief information:
Animals, Greenhouses, Warehouses, BestPrices, Bga, Silos, Placeable Objects, Map-Based Objects, FactoryScript Objects and much more via the handy PDA / SLOT menu
Please check the list of bugs before reporting a bug or having any problems. Or here you can also find me on Discord (HappyLooser # 1790)

Configuration: (default keyboard / mouse setting)
F12 Mouse cursor on / off
All (95%) Moh settings via GuiMenue change
Optional for every saved game 1x clientSettings.xml (... / modsSettings / MultiOverlayV3)

Quick guide in pictures:
PDA and slots creation, image
Applications and lines, picture picture
View apps and strings, image image
Application icons, image
Cmd Apps, Image with Image
Slot settings, image image
Slot Cmd, image image
Moh module settings, image
Module Slot Fill Type Moh Incl. On / Off, Picture
Moh Module Find New Objects Using Cmd, Image

6x PDA ArtDesigns
NoHud app (check PDA Cmd) - incl. all my mods
VehicleSmall app (check PDA commands)
RunJumpFlySpeed ​​app (check PDA commands)
AutoDrive Hud On / Off. (See PDA Command)
Courseplay Hud On / Off (see PDA Command)

BIG THANKS to all testers who thoroughly tested the new version for errors (2 months) without mod support or gave their consent to implement the display in this mod. Trozdem can still get errors because the feature set and all the different maps / mods just can't all be tested.
BugList: patch test not reproducible

Credits: HappyLooser


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