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In addition, the HUD will be upgraded with some more detailed damage report, fuel tank level, fuel consumption, engine speed and temperature, and a weight/total weight display.

keyboard mapping (can be changed in the game options menu)
KeyPad 7 - enable/disable front axle differential lock
KeyPad 8 - enable/disable back axle differential lock
KeyPad 9 - switch wheel drive mode between 4WD (four wheel drive) or 2WD (two wheel drive)
KeyPad / - reset HUD positions. use this if you messed up the XML config, changed the GUI scale or installed keyboardSteer from Mogli afterwards. (version required)

If the mod "keyboardSteer" from Mogli is detected, some HUD elements are moved a bit to avoid overlapping. Press "KeyPad /" to reset their positions. (version required)

Please note: Due to limitations and bugs in the game engine, the HUD data for fuel consumption, engine temperature and weight are not available or incorrect for all multiplayer players - with the exception of the host.

2019-04-14 - V1.6.3.1
* fix log warning #34
* rework of modDesc files (thanks to KITT3000)

2019-01-20 - V1.6.3.0
* updated to support the migration of KeyboardSteer to VehicleControlAddon (vca)

2019-01-15 - V1.6.2.0
* talked to Mogli12 about compatibility between EV and KS and instead of disabling other mods functions the player (thats you) should decide which mods Shuttle Control/Shift should be used
to comply to that EV will no longer disable stuff, but display an annoying warning text on screen to instruct you how to proceed choosing a shuttle control/shift
+ added global options to enable/disable shuttle shift, differentials and hydraulics
+ added functions for other mods to enable/disable EnhancedVehicle functions
+ the "beep beep" is back

2019-01-14 - V1.6.1.0
+ added functionality to turn on/off both differentials the same time (no default keybinding)

2019-01-14 - V1.6.0.2
* adapt KS integration to new version

Credits: ZhooL


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