Animal Pen Extension v1.1.0.2
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Mod  Animal Pen Extension v1.1.0.2 for Farming Simulator 2019


This global script extends the standard farm for animals and the supported MODs of farm for animals, adding the following functions:

For a small service fee, your local plumber will build a pipeline to provide you with an easy way to maintain water supplies for animals.

You are busy delivering your cow milk to the best selling point. For a small fee, you can ask your local contractor to do this for you at the best price.
Let's hope that there will be no delay in the delivery and sale of milk.

After careful research, local farmers decided that they should give water to their chickens, and rightly so. Thus, drinking bowls with water are now added to your chicken farms to improve your gameplay.
This add-on will also add Water Addon support when this feature is active.

Release History:

1. Initial release.
1. The position of the trading floor 'MilkAddon' on a large pasture of cows.
2. Added Spanish translation.

1. Fixed a bug due to which some mod-cards used a built-in mod valve for farms and an underground spout. A manually installed valve will now be in the water chute before installation.
2. The valve can no longer be placed in the animal loading area. A warning will be displayed.
Note. Valve and nozzle will be reset in all save games to avoid conflict.

1. Fixed scaling of the valve and nozzle on some animal pens and maps when using manual placement.
Note. Manual valves and fittings will be reset in all save games to avoid conflict.

Credits: GtX


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