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The purpose of this mod is to make the game more realistic and
tuning your car for a more rewarding task.
The goal is to make the mod versatile.
This mod supports multiplayer and dedicated servers.
No changes to the XML are required. Some data from XML is overwritten!

In the base game, many cars do not take into account the type of tires, for example,
The Lizard pickup has unrealistically high friction on all types of terrain.
This mod fills in the missing data based on the tire index, making it versatile.
Different types of tires now perform completely differently on different types of soil and
suffers differently from rain and falls into the ground.
This mod only supports 4 standard types of tires: DIRT, STREET, SUDDEN and STROKE!
Calculates friction based on tire size, so wide tires, twin wheels and tracks are worth the money.
heavy field work, but the constriction suffers, making it ideal for lighter tasks in a later growth state.
Adds rolling resistance and lateral resistance:
High wheel loads, small tires and soft ground = more force needed to pull or push.
Less wheel load, larger tires and hard ground = less effort required to pull or push.
The wheels are now breaking into the ground.

The traction force of the Plows, Cultivators and Planters depends on the type of soil.
Balers and loading carts use power based on filling speed.
Increased wheel sag, making it harder to pull small wheels on soft ground.
Added missing information on power utilization of balers and loading carts versus filling speed.
The power added by fillspeed now depends on the mass of the material,
for example, grass requires more energy than straw.
Slightly increased friction on street tires.
Added wheel burying in the ground in the absence of traction.
He took off the gearbox.
Added support for "REA Dynamic Dirt" driving in stagnant water.
Created by REA Dynamic Dirt, it reduces friction and increases wheel deflection.
Reduced power added by fill rate by 25%.
Reduced root crop immersion from 0.15 m to 0.1 m.
Added minimum lateral resistance to make the car more stable.
Addressed an issue that caused tracks to suffer from excessive rolling resistance and low friction.
Reduced friction loss for STREET tires in the field when immersed in the ground.
Overhaul of wheel penetration into the ground: wheel load, tire width and soil moisture
now has a greater impact on how far the wheels sink into the field.
The height of the center of gravity is adjustable 0.1-0.6 m above the wheel axle, unless
already above the original cost, this only applies if the car has wheels.
The length of the center of gravity position is adjusted closer to the wheel axis.
The front axle is no longer locked by default when a front loader is installed.
The graphical interface has been changed.
Fixed console displaying only two lines.
Fillspeed now uses the total fill rate of all fill units to calculate fill rate instead of
each filling block is individual.
The center of gravity along the length now changes only for motorized vehicles.
The center of gravity height adjustment is now reduced to 0.05-0.3 m above the wheel axle.
Added minimum wheel size for REA,
REA has less impact on very small wheels.
The center of gravity now changes only when the car is loading,
this corrects the "moon" effect of some cars.
If the center of gravity is adjusted during vehicle tuning, this data is no longer ignored.

Credits: 900Hasse


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TAGS:vehicles, Realism, added, V1.3.2.0