Mod Update Pack 3 By Stevie
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update service pack 3.

First, sell off the old cars in the game, delete the old mods from the mods folder, unzip the downloaded file and put the new mods in the mods folder. Download your game and turn them on in the mod panel.

All have extended repair intervals and additional services. For the Estrela planter, refueling boxes for flawless refueling of Fenton Forest have been restored.

Included in this package:
Updated cultivator and plow 8 m, Deltis sprayer and front tank, Deutz series 7, Lemken Solitair12, Massey Furguson 7700, 8700 and 2270 baler, Estrela and Imperador 3 seeder.

Credits: Stevie


Dowload101.4 MB

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