Thermal Power Station v1.0.0.2
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Mod Thermal Power Station v1.0.0.2 for Farming Simulator 2019 
This mod brings a combined heat and power plant into play.

Changelog Version
- Added night lighting for displays

Changelog version
- Russian translation added
- Minor bugs fixed

Here wood chips, loose hay, loose straw, hay pellets, straw pellets and pellets can be burned.
When the power plant is active, building income is generated per hour and ash is produced as waste.
The ashes can be disposed of at AgraZ Landhandel or composted in a composter.

Building costs: 450000 € / Daily costs: 1000 €
Capacity: Input 1000000l / Output 500000l

Bulk material incineration:
Processing per hour: 25000l
Profit per hour: 0,10 € per liter
Waste per hour: 250l

pellet combustion:
Processing per hour: 25000l
Profit per hour: 1.00 € per liter
Waste per hour: 500l

The mod only works in conjunction with Global Company.
Seasons ready.

Required Mods:
- GlobalCompany (By: LS-Modcompany / kevink98, aPuehri, Eribus)
- AgraZ Land Trade (By: ZoddelZockt)
- Stationary Wood Chipper (By: ZoddelZockt)
- Pellet Press (By: ZoddelZockt)
- Composter (By: ZoddelZockt)

Credits: ZoddelZockt


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