Small Wood Selling Station v1.2.0.0
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Мod  Small Wood Selling Station  v1.2..0 for Farming Simulator 2019

This set contains four small selling stations for wood and woodchips.

-fixed visibility of snow roof without seasons
-price of the wood selling trigger adjusted
-fixed German mod name
-added version of selling station without decoration (lower slot count on consoles)
-added trigger-only selling station
-Seasons: added snow on roof

The version without decoration is more suitable for consoles because of the lower slot count.
The sales trigger can be placed anywhere to quickly sell wood. With this version, the floor is neither leveled nor painted and can therefore be sold without leaving any residue.

Small Wood Selling Station:
Price: 5.000€
Daily Upkeep: 7€/ Tag

Small Wood Selling Station without decoration:
Price: 4.000€
Daily Upkeep: 5€/ Tag

Wood Selling Trigger:
Price: 50€
Daily Upkeep: 1€/ Tag

Small Woodchips Selling Station:
Price: 2.000€
Upkeep: 3€/Tag 

Credits: TopAce888


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