Slurry Addon v1.0.0.0
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Mod Slurry Addon v1.0.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2019

Small addition to the manure system.

At first it was a small test project, but then I decided that I would refine it and make it available for download.

It was too bad for a trash can, maybe it will come in handy for someone.

The small superstructure includes 2 slurry tanks, in one of which slurry or fermentation residues can be bought cheaply. You can find the "miscellaneous" category in the store.

For those who do not have animals or who do not produce enough manure.

The second is a manure storage system based on the Wopster manure system, in which you can store biogenic or liquid manure. You can find it in the Silo store.

This add-on only works with manureSystem, if you are not using manureSystem you do not need to download this add-on.

The hoses can also only be connected to the warehouse, as unfortunately the manureSystem does not support "BuyingStations" purchase triggers.

Required mods:

Manure System (from Wopster)

Credits: Mach1--Andy, Die Landeier


Download3.5 MB

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