Plywood Production v1.0.0.1
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Mod Plywood Production v1.0.0.1 for Farming Simulator 2019
This mod adds plywood production and a glue tank to the game. Empty pallets are also required for production.
Plywood can be sold at the AgraZ outlet or used to make wooden crates (coming soon).
Purchase price: 250,000 €
Daily expenses: 150 €
- Glue: 100,000 l.
- Empty pallets: 135,000 l.
- Wood chips: 1,000,000 l.
- Plywood: 100,000 l.
Glue tank (store purchase):
Price: 2000 €
Capacity: 2000 l.
Mod works only in conjunction with GlobalCompany!
Recommended AgraZ mods:
- A store
- Small sawmill
- Pallet production
- Wood shredder
Changelog version
- Fixed a bug in the name of the FillType.
- Added Russian language
- Adjusted food weight
Recommended mod:
- AgraZ Land Trade
- Small sawmill AgraZ
- Production of pallets AgraZ
- Stationary branch crusher AgraZ

Credits: ZoddelZockt


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