Placeable brewery v1.0
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Мod  Placeable brewery v1.0  for Farming Simulator 2019


Brewery They are available in two versions, once with a fence border and once without a fence.
The brewery produces beer in bottles and barrels, and also produces compost.
The price of the brewery is 245,000 euros
For the production of bottles you will need hops, wheat, water and empty pallets.
To produce beer kegs, you need hops, barley, water and empty pallets.
All the necessary raw materials can be purchased.
The brewery also has a warehouse for boxes, barrels and compost pallets with a capacity of 350,000 liters.
Archive unzip!
The zip file must be unpacked, because there is an additional point of sale as an addition. Both mods or just a brewery, then purely in a modfold. The brewery can be found in the store under the Global Company, a supermarket and signs under Miscellaneous
She works in SP and MP.

Credits: Wippman


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