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Let's start with a little time travel. We find ourselves next to an old farmhouse near Lake Tegernsee. The building was built around 1870. During this time, the farm included not only the farmer's family, but also servants such as maids and servants. All work was done by hand or with animals. Almost 80 years later, at the beginning of 1949, the first tractor was purchased. This was followed by repeated renovations and conversions aimed at preserving the building.
In fact, the building is divided into three parts: a farmhouse, a barn and a stable with a hayloft.
The interior of the house is decorated in a rustic style that almost reflects the idyllic farmhouse character.
The canopy has two passages that can easily accommodate a tractor with two trailers. It is also used to store straw and hay. You can place up to 6 bales on top of each other.
The barn can accommodate 36 cows in a garter. Previously, they were very common, now they are used only in winter.
As with every day, the cows are milked twice. In the morning and in the evening. For this, a tubular milking installation is installed. This was a big step forward in agriculture in the 1960s and 1970s when they replaced bucket milking machines with newer ones. The advantage is obvious: the milk no longer comes into contact with stable air and retains its flavor. It was the most common milking establishment before milking parlors replaced it.
If you look into the milking chamber, you can see the necessary milking machines and a large milk storage tank. You can pick it up yourself or sell it directly to the dairy.

- Construction costs: 229,000 euros.
- Version 1: integrated silo system with two filling bins.
-> The blue grain elevator must be installed to be able to tip over.
-> To increase the fun of the game, you can switch between bunkers inside the building. Just go upstairs near the bunkers.
-> Unloading can be done in the passage under the pipe.

- Version 2: cow stall at the back of the building.
-> Space for 36 cows
-> Feeding in the barn in the front, water in the back in the barn. Liquid manure in the back next to a pile of manure.
-> Walk left or right of the door to open the upper doors.

- Supplement:
-> Small sleeping bench
-> Suitable chick triggers to be placed in front of the hen house to keep the chicks as well.

- animalPenExtension ready
- Seasons ready
- Blinds open during the day, close at night
- All doors are animated and open
- Lights for all important areas of the building
- Lots of extras to make the building look as authentic as possible


Credits: Farmerfivetom


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