MW Placeable Yard Sunny Edit v1.3
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Mod MW Placeable Yard Sunny Edit v1.3 for Farming Simulator 2019

Reconstruction of MW Placeable Hof Pack.

- Kuhstall to clean (Fog appeared in the stable itself)
- some floating objects are removed or placed accordingly
- Shelter for bulk materials now has a light that turns on in the evening
- further minor adjustments and changes

Pak contains 41 buildings.
There is no shepherd.
Mounted on a flat surface.
- The texture of the fence is adapted to a cow pasture without a stable.
- A bunch of cow dung should work too
- Entrance to the farmhouse increased
- Clipdistance adapted to haylage
- Lateral farm shelter located on the rear wall
- Tx files deleted (for server)
- Removed farm rear shelter window

Credits: Bernie / Sunny


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