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Mod IMBISS BOOTH V1.1.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2019

Imbiss Booth with small shop and selling station.

Placement size smaller than before
Improved building texture
More fruit types (for production mods)

This imbiss booth is very useful, if you built a holiday village. The holiday guests can not only buy fast food but also every day holiday products, partly from your farm products.
If you don't have a holiday village in your gameplay, you can enjoy this imbiss booth as a place saving selling station, where you get good prices for your potatoes, eggs and milk.
The inhabitants of your map will enjoy having a place, where they can enjoy delicious fast food.
The imbiss booth closes a night, but you can still deliver you farm products.
Price for the imbiss booth: 5000
Products you can sell there: wheat, barley, oat, potato, egg, milk, water
If you have on your map/mods: frenchFries, washedPotatoes, sortedPotatoes, carrot, onion, garlic, lavender, parsley, rice, apple, pear, strawBerry, tomato, appleJuice, bioMilk, bread, bun, butter, meat, honey, yogurt, coffee, ketchup, cake, lemonade, mayonaise, flour, noodles, mustard, sunflowerOil, cookingOil, sausage, sugar

Credits: OmaTana


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