HoT Greenhouses V
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Mod HoT Greenhouses V for Farming Simulator 2019

This is a great mod, especially if you want to add to the game FS 19 something more than field work and animal care. It is also a great looking addon.

Six different greenhouses and a selling point for your farm. Note that you need to activate the GlobalCompany (GC) script so that the greenhouses can start growing berries, fruits, and vegetables.

Greenhouses from HoT Team are presented in six different options. Each version provides a specific product.

Here is what you can grow:
- Salad, white cabbage and cauliflower;
- Raspberries, strawberries and tomatoes.

Features of the mod:
- Each greenhouse needs the following: water, manure and seeds;
- When you add the necessary materials to the greenhouses, they will start to produce products automatically. Inside each of them there is a pleasant animation, where boxes of fruits, vegetables and berries are delivered to the storehouse next to the greenhouse.
- If you want to sell your products, you can create them as pallets from the GC menu. Pallets will then appear on the left side of the greenhouse. The production of one pallet will take about one game hour.
- Also, the mod includes a point of sale. She has a trading kiosk similar to the ones you see on traditional trading floors. The price you get for each product varies. For most products, you get +/- 1000 per pallet. Just place the pallets inside the markers at the back of the stall.

- Category: Placeables | Greenhouses;
- Base price: 75,000;
- Productivity per hour: approximately one pallet;
- Volume: 20,000 liters of each ingredient, 40,000 liters of products.

Credits: The HoT Team


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