Fahrzeughalle / Durchfahrhalle Seasons Ready v1.0.5
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Mod Fahrzeughalle / Durchfahrhalle Seasons Ready v1.0.5 for Farming Simulator 2019

Version 1.0.5 - Seasons Ready
- Added by SeasonsMask

This is a hall for vehicles with outdoor lighting, it turns on automatically at night, lights are installed in the hall, which must be turned on manually.
We pass the hall from two sides, so you can drive completely with large equipment (for example, a combine with a cutting back). You fall into all devices with a width of not more than 4.95 m and a height.
Sectional doors open with AnimationTrigger and should work with every ModMap.
The 1st hall has the following gate sizes 42 x 30 m (L x W) and 5 x 5 m (W x H).
The second hall has the following dimensions: a gate measuring 48 x 30 m (L x W) and 6 x 6 m (W x H).
The hall without gates has the following dimensions 20 x 20 (L x W), entrance height 6 m.
The open space for storing straw / transport room has the following dimensions: 40 x 20 m (L x W). The entrance height is 7.20 m. This allows unloading using an automatic bale collector.
The third hall has a sliding gate measuring 20.40 x 12 m (L x W) and 5 x 5 m (W x H).
The hall can be accommodated.

Credits: alex83we


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