Big Chicken Coop (Placeable – 200 Chicken) v1.0.1
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Mod Big Chicken Coop (Placeable - 200 Chicken) v1.0.1 for Farming Simulator 2019

Version 1.0.1. Ready
Now there are two buildings to choose from. In the newly added building, many glass panels have been replaced with corrugated sheets. Great for birds. Now they can enjoy a lot of shade.

Other changes:
Fixed animation of fans
All indoor lights have been optimized.
More decorative objects have been installed.

Want some more chicken? Then take a look at this large, housed chicken coop for FS 19. The building has room for 200 chickens. And a lot of room for maneuverable equipment inside the building.
Just take a look at this:

Doors can be opened and closed.
The glass roof section can be opened to let in fresh air into the building.
The animation of the fans has been fixed, and in these late nights, lights are set in the early morning.

Lights for egg producers ...
The cost of this chicken building is 86 900. It can be placed (there is asphalt on the asphalt).

Credits: FarmerAndy/Siemu


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