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Mod PORTA WESTFALICA V2.5 for Farming Simulator 2019

The map recreates the surroundings of the Porta Westfalica rudn around the Wiehengebirge and the Weserbergland.

Version 2.5
Fruit types:
Asparagus incorporated as a new fruit, added to the crop.

Malt production: (wheat or barley and water and chips = malt out)
Beer production (hops and malt and water out = beer out)Yoghurt production (cherries and plums and sugar and milk = yoghurt out)
Schnapps production (wheat or rye and potato and water and chips = schnapps out)
MilkMax (Milk out and Milk out)
Potato washer (potatoes and water and diesel = washed potatoes and compost out)

The washed potatoes can be tied to the big conveyor with the trailer and compost on the small conveyor
be removed with the shovel.

New fill types:
Yogurt, brandy, UHT milk, malt, beer and washed potatoes. Liquor, H-milk, beer and yogurt can be added with the included tankers
be transported. At the rear of the MKS 8 a coupling is removed, so that you can hang several behind the other.

For all new fruit and filling types the bearings are extended; the farm filling station also serves as
Bearings up to 56,000 l. The central warehouse for the products (opposite the dealer) expands for the new products.

More minor bugs fixed.

No new savegame is required, just insert the new productions into the items.xml of the savegames according to the instructions.

In addition to the district town of Minden, there are the villages Hahlen, Häverstedt, Barkhausen, Bergkirchen and local mountains.

Your farm is located on the edge of the Wiehengebirge, the chickens, pigs and sheep are located directly on the farm, the horse farm is outsourced a bit away from the main courtyard. At the farm silos for cereals, fruits, chopped straw, silage, straw, hay, grass and all kinds of fruit are harvested, which can be harvested on the map.

Credits: GMCW


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